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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
I can walk into Chilcotin Guns right now and ask for a restricted firearm imported in from the States and I dont have to pay a dime until it arrives. Of course I've done lots of business with them but even then, it was MAYBE a 25% deposit required.

If you are a business then ACT like a business!
Dude, your talking about buying a real gun... that is WAY different than airsoft... WAY different.

and a 300% markup? sounds almost right... but its not ALL profit...
There are many hidden costs beside the gun cost.
-Currency exchange
-Shipping cost
-Duties & taxes
-Brokerage fees
-A little to pay off their permits/license
-Misc. costs

All those are added in before the importer can add on a small markup to have a profit.
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