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yea i hate the one on my jg dragon. i filed it down....made it better...not much
just didnt feel like buying a new grip for that thing

im left handed but people say i shoot right handed cuz i hold the grip with my left hand but i dunno how thats shooting right handed to be honest

but i understand why this kid/guy wants a gun thats ambi. its a pain in the ass if you got a gun where the selector or cocking lever is on the opposite side of the gun.
ambi guns are pretty cool and usually comfy in hand
Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
dont let the elitist gun snobs who only clicked on your post to thread shit tell you other wise (they are OHHHH so helpful here- they wont offer you any help but will be self rightous pricks cause they are CLEARLY 'pros' who overpaid for their guns roflmao)

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