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to be honest guys iam in love with this rule

6) Drop the attitude.
There has been an unsettling trend as of late on ASC for members to feel the need to participate to only criticize other members spelling and punctuation.

Starting now we will be issuing warnings to those who feel the need to do this. If members wish to bother they should do it via pm and not muck up a thread.

PLEASE REPORT issue posts/threads: Turns out we mods don't read every post that everyone makes (although some people seem to think we do...). If people see an issue then REPORT it with the report function you will see at the bottom left side of a post. ( Red lined Triangle with exclamation point in the middle)

PLEASE report threads/posts you see that are questionable or blatant rule breaking ( In all forums ) as well as threads where the item has been sold/traded/etc.

on a side note this type of bs our govment realy truns me off form airsoft because even if i am a good owner and responable (witch i am) and if i get in a car accdent they still yank a easy 800$ gun hands down its stuff like that that realy truns me off to sports like these
a big ol airsoft Q&A

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