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airsoft and me

hello airsoft guys and gals iam looking in to airsoft, now that being sed iam actuly a sanario paintballer who uses a stockclass phantom, and the reasons i would like to try airsoft is because iam sick of people just being ugly and dishonest on the field (getting bonus balled with 18 bps and haveing some kid wipe 6 or 7 times in a row issent cool) so iam looking for a better community overall i donno where to start there and theres realy no decated airsoft fields to be honest so this is out of Q/A for me right now i live in cambridge and iam not fond of flagraiders to be honest with ya, ive herd alot of ugly stores one in that cought my attion that had to do with a live flashbang and kid in a bus. and some personel stuff with there staffing (this issent a beat up on flagraiders thow) so overall iam looking for some direction. and some some feedback
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