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Originally Posted by BORDENSNIPER View Post
Kraken is 140 after tax. put a polycarbonate piston into it, stainless bushings, nozzle, ball bearing pisotn head, ball bearing spring guide...all these upgrades for little under 55$, and youll have an awsome gun that will rock ppls panties off.

if you dont want to upgrade or tweak around, go for a KWA m4, its 500, get verified and ull see ppl selling them, its the best bang for the buck.

get verified so that people who have too much time on their hands dont flame u.

lol dude krakens are great, I only use ak's and i own one but what does this have to do with ambidextrous airsoft guns? I have yet to see an airsoft ak-47 with ambidextrous controls
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