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On one side I understand that there are a lot of people that feel they've been ripped off. It sucks that our fragile sport is infected with this sort of bullshit that continues year after year. I remember around the start of my career, the props canada bullshit that started. I figured people might learn from that and stop getting in on group orders for things that wernt in country. It seems this hasn't happend.

On the other side, I see a guy who definatly needs to get smacked in the mouth. Try your chargebacks and your legal threats, really. If this guy is actually doing what half of you say, he's already thought about it and decided he couldnt care less if you win. Personally, if someone did that to me, I'd find it much easier to let a couple of crackheads loose in his business rather than deal with the slow response times of lawyers.

Good luck to everyone... And sorry to the old boys for dropping the Props bomb
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