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Originally Posted by Neverhood View Post
So you spend 1000+ dollars on a toy? Good Fucking Greif! There's always a risk with airsoft, yeah maybe Mark should be alittle more forthcoming with info but cut the guys some slack, his hands are tied too.
From what I can tell from the Anderson & Anderson prices charged for AEGs when they were doing orders is that they had the typical 200-300%+ markup. IE: A $275 CA G36K at cost was invoiced for $750 for my friend.

That markup is supposed to be there for retailers to cover for lost/held shipments and is accepted by both buyer and vendor as the price for doing AEG business in Canada.

There is no excuse for not partially refunding people's lost orders when you have the built in margin of safety in that markup. Simply pocketing the markup as pure profit, cutting off communications with your paying and owed customers is even worse and frankly, even criminal. If they really did contest this in court however, I can see legal costs eating up all the money made from any airsoft deals.

I think people just want regular updates and contact regarding the situation so it doesn't spiral into another Props Canada type situation.

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