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Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
From an outside perspective, it seems that Mark has taken payment for the item, yet said item will not be delivered to the buyer as promised as it has been confiscated by the CBSA.

Where I stand, it looks like Mark should either return the money for the item if it cannot be delivered at all or respond to inquiries about said item so the buyer doesn't shit bricks, so to speak.

As a business, it is his responsibility to ensure that he makes good on any agreements made with a customer. He may be busy, but completely disregarding any attempts to contact him either via e-mail or phone is unacceptable. For any entity that considers itself a business, this is completely unprofessional.

I've had the privilege of dealing with Mark face to face so I haven't had any issues. I've also only bought from what he had in stock, so again, I haven't had any issue. I'm playing Devil's advocate here because I would hate to see a number of people take legal action for something that could easily be resolved outside of a courtroom, if only both parties involved in a deal would cooperate.
That is pretty much my take on this as well.
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