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Originally Posted by Sergeantmajor View Post
I wonder how many of you here never played army with you friends in the neighborhood.

who the fuck did not play cops and robbers or indians and cowboys or army with toy guys?

who the hell did not paint their crappy dollar store gun black?

give the youth a break! you did it! so can they.

Whenever i see a thread like this, i face palm not because of the video, news article, but because of you guys.
It's WAYYY different with airsoft, my friend.
We played cops and robbers & indians and cowboys with CAP guns not airsoft guns. It's fine going in public with those things.
& no I did not paint my crappy dollar store gun because it was already black.
Why give him a break ? I didn't play with my airsoft gun out in public, break public property & I'm not planning on doing so.
Thanks for your understanding.
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