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Originally Posted by cranium_bear View Post
k im new to the forum . i have no idea what many of the words and phrases mean. and ive noticed alot of people dont have patience for people trying to learn (especially when they post in the wrong places)

its not like anyone is born knowing this stuff so how did you pick up the lingo? online? in the field?

what does moon gun refer to, and im a suping loadup means the gear you use?
moon gun= something like a robocop gun or halo rifle or what have you

Loadout is the gear you use
if your going for a particualr theme with your loadout then everything would have to match up if you are picky about detail but if you can go with cadpats and a m16 and say its a cf loadout then good for you some people need thier kit down to the smallest detail

some of the ww2 airsofters for example like youonlywish on this forum go so far as to build ww2 era ration packs and various other items
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