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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Usually there is a time limit is there not on reversing credit card charges?
I don't believe so. I worked doing cc processing and hadn't encountered any charge that couldn't be reversed if the customer is insistent enough. The reason being that credit card processors only allow a very small percentage of all processed transactions to be chargedback otherwise they suspend the account pending investigation.

If you did pay by credit card and are unwilling to wait and see what time will tell, then you ought to be able to contact your credit card company and claim you were defrauded as you did not receive the item you ordered.

I have to admit, I would usually defend Mark as I've had nothing but good dealings with him, but it seems that more and more people are coming forward and saying he is not providing any customer service or living up to his end of agreements. It's slightly unnerving to know that someone with a legitimate business who seemed trustworthy may in fact not be.
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