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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Group orders as such for product not in country on the site here were banned after Chase's 416 group buy ripoff.

A "retailer" loosing a shipment should have no bearing on the people left twisting in the wind. If they loose a shipment then the Canadian markup they make on the stuff that does get through is supposed to be there to cover off this circumstance.

At the very least said retailed should refund the profit they would have made in the sale when a seizure happens and then all other avenues for a re-order are closed.

Making your regular margin on the product regardless if it's DOA or never even makes it to the customer is not an honest way to life your life.
group orders were not banned, they just have to be cleared by the admins first. But yes a refund should be given but so many times Ive read that refunds on seized orders are not given....
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