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Originally Posted by Drache
And you dont want to sell the mags because you just might get the gun...
Damn skippy that and at 15 mags (longer style mind you, 15 shot) you can throw out your back picking up the box there in.

and from what it sounds like Ray isn't replying to inquiries, thus the head of the order isnt doing anything about it....
Plus one on not responding, sent him well over half a dozen emails no response I know he's just the middleman but he did say he would use legal action haven't seen any as of yet (or heard). The last bit of gossip I heard on the Dec07 group order is that Mark has nothing of that order left and will not credit Ray or other people. On the last order before he shut down (March??) that shipment was in country but is currently being held by CBSA. This is gossip I heard mind you so take it with a grain of salt (or block).
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