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Originally Posted by m700murder View Post
yea, you can remove the sling loops, they have a screw thing on it, so you can somply twist it off.

and a sudgestion about the painting thing, practice on a wal-mart crapsoft thing a few times, once you get a hang of it, than find a pattern you like, and do it!

also, just a realy stupid question, but is your name by any chance brandon? just wondering because he invited me over like a month ago and i brought my VSR over, and he bought one just to be who he is, a fruit. no awfence if your not who i think you are gabe_guitarded.
I don't plan on painting this gun until I figure out the location I'll be using it most often (plus with some elastics and foliage it gets pretty well invisible with or without paint). And yes, I will be practising on my friends Crosman first.

Nope I'm not named Brandon, my name is Gabe in case my username doesn't reflect that :P
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