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The infrared anti-tank and bb hit dedection idea for vehicles

Since my last thread was trashed, aquamarine told me to post it again lol.
Heres what i want to do:
I want to make an anti-tank replica, maybe something techie, like the javelin, M47 Dragon or spike.
Install infrared laser tagging system to the launcher and the target vehicle.
Install some effects, maybe cartridges that are filled with dry air and baby powder and a solenoid valve for the launcher, so you would reload the cartridge to shoot again and will also reload the effects, and a small fog machine for the target with flickering flame lights (in movies in order to make fire effects, there are circuits that make halogen lights flicker as if it's a flame, hide this in some smoke and you have pretty neat effects)
Also i'm planning to work on microphone/piezo based hit dedection for BBs, these will work like the guitar pick-ups, but will have a high treshold so it will just dedect the BBs. Similiar systems were made but they would dedect other stuff activating the system. But i'm planning to install them to fake gas tanks on the jeep and sides of the ATV, to make weak spots. Also hard plastic plates that will be attached around the engine compartment. And make the circuit disable the vehicle and pop smokes only if it gets shot like 10-15 times in 10 seconds. So you will need a good burst of bullets to disable the car, which can prevent accidental disabling because of rocks and plants hitting the gas tank, since they won't be loud enough or repeat at least 10 times in 10 seconds. And if something really hits the gas tank that often, there is something wrong with it's location.
Anyway these are just ideas that i shared with a few electronic guys, they all think it wouldn't be too hard to build them. Aquamarine told me there are good electronic experts on the forums so any help would be appreciated.
If you ask why i just don't use the honor system, well, we will launch the first airsoft games over here, and in order to attract some people, we need to attract the media, and media loves smokes and fires and loud bangs .

For the laser tagging one, i'm waiting for a friend to make the circuits and it might take time to get the whole thing working, but piezo/microphone idea is really simple to use at a prototype.
I'm sure i saw ready to use kits that turn lights on and off when you clap, using them at a higher treshhold might do the trick. Rest would be a circuit that would count the hits and act.
If i don't get lazy and buy some sound activated light circuits from the electronic markets tomorrow, i may post how such thing might work. If it doesn't work i will need to get similiar circuits custom built.
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