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I'll be in next year!
Would've been playing now, but my father is an old fart. He hates running around. I was 10 and he was too lazy to play ball with me!
But yeah, you'll have me in forsure next year. It's great living in central/mid Toronto. Get around easy, downtown, North, West or East, as when I go for the 404 or 401, they are the same distance from my house so I don't need to worry about haha. I need to start saving up for a car though, a motorcycle won't last me through rain and snow, even with a 40 inch gun in a rifle bag on my back, nor a f150 truck either. Have a ford focus, but that's for my mother. hah. Everything will be sorted out before next year. I've got a few friends of my own (same age), even my twin brother into airsoft. But they don't have the kind of money yet, but I know they will be interested into renting the guns and gears.
Why would people quit airsoft? It's a good sport for the mind, and keeping up your healthy life as in running, and loosing the fat under the gears of heat!
Not sure it will help your eyes when you're old..

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