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I am somewhat new to the sport and I have got a few friends into it as well. I play at TANKS games and have a blast (other than paint getting everywhere). I have noticed a couple of things that drive people away from airsoft. Now, before you look at my profile and say "hes unvarified" You're right, however im 28 and I'll be getting varified at TANKS game this week.

1) The availability of weapons and gear. Unfortunately, it is incredibly hard for alot of people to get the weapons they want in this country. Unlike paintball, you cant just go to anystore and get good weapons. I only have 2 rifles and it was hard enough to get those.
2) There seems to be alot of kids (under 18) in the sport. For me, I was a bit turned off by this only because everyone wants to be with people in the same age range. I did however get over it when the kids I played with at A51 were actually really good and had great attitudes. Initially, I was worried though.
3) This kind of "Play" is so looked down apon in this country because of the gun problem we have. There seems to be a growing number of airsofters in areas outside the GTA but i believe its because people in these areas are not as sensitive about the subject. Why? Because all people in the GTA hear about on the news is gang and gun violence EVERYDAY. Most of these people in the GTA see us as a bunch of guys playing with guns and thats it. I know its stupid but thats life. Because our guns are replicas, we will always have a negative image.

I have been trying to find a dual facility (indoor/outdoor)in the newmarket and bradford area to help the people that dont like to spend the gas money to go to wasaga or toronto and to help grow the sport in this area. So far I have some great leads but i wanted to wait to be age varified before I start setting it up so that people on ASC will take me and my team seriously.
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