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I think there are a lot in the Toronto Area, like Brian said at the moment there are several games a week we can attend. The Flagraiders game on the 22nd of June probably had about 75% of all airsofters within a reasonable distance. I started hosting games a paintball field my friends own, we were planning on making a permanent airsoft field in an area they weren't using but that fell through. The field was open in 2001 and has not recived proper maintenance until recently, however for a paintball facility I would say its pretty clean, and thats good enough for some airsofters since many don't have vehicles and if they do like myself, I really don't want to drive all the way to Flagraiders for a game (80km one way) or Wasaga(130km one way) which are the closest outdoors field in the GTA I would say, at least Im pretty sure they are. Now considering its summer time and held at a paintball facility I get on average say 10-15 a game, however I only host every other week usually so players have enough notice to plan ahead. This upcomming game this Thursday Im expecting at least 20 players to a max of 30 which is a lot considering its outdoor season. Its all about location and accessibility, currently right by the 401 for those who drive and for those taking public transit theres a subway station close by and a bus takes you to the front of the door. Once winter hits, as far as I know there will be only 3 regular airsoft venues in the Toronto Area, TTAC3, Area51, and SGT Splatters, and a game once in a while at Wasaga Beach. The summer games I've been hosting were just tests to see what kind of airsoft interest is out there, and so far theres seems to be quite a bit. Because it is an established paintball field and old military facility (Formerly CFB Downsview) they have catered to at least once to MIL/LE since my friends took over, and they were quite happy. IIRC it was was reserve medical unit which wanted to simulate trauma situations while taking fire.

But in the end, it is a paintball field, and will always be one as it is their main source of revenue.

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