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I hear ya Brian. Money is always the key factor. Your plan is sound and if you have the capital to dump I'm sure it will take 8-12 months to break even for corporate bookings. Once you get your first couple of major clients the publicity by word of mouth can grow exponentially faster than you think. Not too sure about the MIL/LE side though but if you get a consistent government contract that's a very decent source of income. I used to work for a guy who ran one of the first paintball fields back in Singapore, he has the same business plan - broke even within 18 months of operation. He's been running it for almost 10 years now and turning in profit for the last 7+ years at least. He also started to supply government contracts with equipment for training and has pretty much cornered the market in southeast asia. The only difference here is he's a rich kid worth several million and his now deceased grandfather used to be worth over 4 billion USD and he's got money to burn.
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