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Madbull foam grenade

I recieved a parcel in the mail today and as usual it could be one of many things, but today it was a special package. It was a parcel from the ever reliable and always amazing . So I decided to throw up a quick short and sweet review for everyone

I opened the package to discover the three grenades I ordered. As you can see the color I choose to go with was black.

Ive never held or even seen a real fragmentation device of any form in person so I cant say for certain that this is to scale. However I can say that it being a madbull product Im sure they took the time and dedication to research the correct dimmensions.

The three available colors from madbull are blue, black and OD. The material the grenades themselfves are made of is a hard foam. Very similar to the kind of foam they use to make childrens toys. That hard semi soft kind of foam that does not indent when pressed on and is smooth to the touch. Despite that the body is made out of foam it is very durable and there is still a decent amount of weight to the device.

A quick glimpse at the packaging on the backside.

Two thumbs up for the info in red! Glad to see that madbull is keeping its standards high in terms of quality and considerations for its customers. After all in todays society where we have to have "Caution liquid hot" on coffee cups, one can only imagine what some silly nard would and could do with one of these dummy nades. The disclaimer is for the protection of the us and them.

As you can see in the pic above, a shot of the grenade intact, pin in.

A pic with the spoon and pin out. The mechanism that operates spoon system is very simple. The spoon is holding some a simple spring loaded lever when the pin is pulled out the spoon will fly off unless held down. Kinda sorta like how a real grenade would work I guess.

A shot with the grenade full dissasembled. Foam body, pin spoob, metal top part that the spoon conects to and the internal plastic part that the whole top half attaches to on the grenade. In the bottom of the body is a hole a little deeper than an inch. When madbull releases its gas and party popper upgrades later on these dummy grenades will be upgradeable to either of those configurations.

Lets take a quick moment to do a pro and con list.

Starting with the pros

-Great item the airsofter who wants that little extra something for their kit, either to enhance their play and realisn or just to fill out the look.

-Replacement parts available directly from madbull for a low cost. No need to stress about the loss of a spoon of the breaking of the foam body.

-Very light, but still heavy enough to lob or throw a decent distance

-Realistic action, or atleast as realistic as you can get to the real thing with out blowing yourself and others up.

-Very inexpensive, for its quality, the price is very reasonable.

Now lets have a quick glance at the cons.

-Foam may not be that durable over time. I believe the foam is the kind of material that may absorb water and smell and evetually crack and chip over time. Im fairly certain that if a heavy enough person stepped on it the foam would crush.

-The never ending possibility of the loss of a spoon or pin. As with any grenade that has deattachable parts there is always the possibilty of losing a part.


For me the madbull dummy foam grenade is good investment. I love the look and the feel of them, like I said before, they are durable and a decent weight and great to fill out those gaps in the kit. Although this may not be something for everyone, if you enjoy adding that little tiny bit of realism to your look then I definately recommend these.

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