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Well true he got the guns in (or not) but people here want to inquire about the guns and with a quick detective work I found out most of those gearboxes are plastic on the AKs and most of the JG MP5s hopper chambers are prone to breaking since I assume he has ordered from the same US retailer.

I got this info from searching Vertex as well talking to people who ordered from there.

The only thing worth getting was the CM028 but they are all gone so hence only the CM 0506 is left

I just want to give people heads up, so Duilin and Coltfarmer am I not right to help?

Though I admit it was a bit too hasty but to give someone the tip off is good enough before finding you own a $350 plastic gearbox. Anyway obviously I am not going to do CBSA's job but what I will do is my help to giving tip offs for potential hazards.

Someones got to do it
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