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For me

The indoor airsoft thing is a sideline to boost the use of my multi use facility.

Because my facility is multi use it places some limitations regarding what we can do and the configuration of the space. Everything I use has to be portable and storeable.

I see a significant drop off in attendance at TTAC3 in the summer, we go from average 12-16 people ( which is all I want ) down to 4-8 people for a typical night... I used to run regardless of numbers.. but I've become selfish and will only run a session if the numbers warrant it.

I also have an outdoor field and run monthly operations there as well. So that balances out the reduction in attendance indoors.

Here in the GTA / South ontario area the market is quite fractured with many field and many game options ... Regular games tend to be smaller as in any given weekend there are often 3 sometimes 4 events going on within a 100 KM of Toronto.

I've done the business models and market research.. and indoor only facility can work but you need a space about 7000 - 10000 square feet and you need to cultivate proffessional Clientel that will use the facility for training.. And you would need to market to the "adventure experience" types.. Ive done a number of special events for groups that have nothing to do with the airsoft community.. but wanted a "tactical adventure" for teambuilding and also for a "out of the ordinary" group activity.

With proper marketing.. it is very likely I could book an event like this every week ... the stumbling block is ramping up the equipment and such to support gearing up 20 people with MP5 and glocks and gear.. up front I'd need $25000 to do it.. so ROE-- is going to be a couple of years anyway..

I had plans to do all this... but my career took a different route and I am simply too busy now to push it forward at anything other than a snails pace... I'm slowly aquiring the stuff I need ... but my timeline is pushed way out.

I've had to turn away professional training requests ( from both Military and LE ) because I did not have the equipment.. and could not ramp up in time to meet their needs due to the limitatons in acumulating equipment.. No suppliers could accomodate an order of 20 mp5s + 4 mags and 20 G19s +3 mags each in anything less than "maybe sometime this year" kind of timelines.

Fact is .. If I had the money and time.. I'd jump in with both feet because the numbers show ( coupled with the contacts I've had ) that this could be a good business ... but certainly.. "airsofters" would not be your principal market.. they would only be a bit of "grease" to keep it all moving. The typical airsoft demographic is "young male" and their financial status is unstable to say the least, counting on such a fickle clientel is frustrating to say the least.

For now.. I'm content in what I am doing... but I sure don't maky any money at it.. balanced against my time and investment.
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