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Little back ground, you can look up the full specs if you want.
  • Made by NEW CON
  • GEN 2+
  • MAG 3-6 day, 3.7-7.3 night
  • One 3 volt battery

Look up all its features I'm just covering the use of it.

Mounts quickly.
The gain is hard to adjust.
The focus is hard to adjust.
The eye piece is hard to adjust.
The objective is small and it is hard to see objects. I could not see people or make out enough detail to ID them even if I did.
Makes a slight hi pitch noise when on.
Has auto shut off so when that guy flashes his 15 million candlepower light in your direction your ok.

GEN 2+
Light and low profile
Quick to mount
Day and Night
Don't need an IR
Auto Shut off

Expensive (4300$, no I didn't buy it, it is a loner)
Hard to see/detail
Hard to adjust the settings
Hard to see the reticle at night

Is it worth it? No. Not for that kinda cash, you can buy better and cheaper. And I would go with a lower magnification.

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