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Well I was thinking of throwing in some stupid joke about having a ton of guns to rent out at the next big game. I dont think thats funny though.
Seriously a heist like that would need to be done by semi-pro guys. Anyone that would be smart enough to pull this off would know better then to sell them off at pawn shops or ebay. I dont think this is your normal smash and grab robbery. I assume the culprits know the consequences of these actions and would be very careful as to where and when these guns move. There are a lot of people in the states and I dont think they're as tight knit as our great community. trying to unload a fraction of that haul in Canada would surely raise a red flag but selling off individual guns across the states should'nt be that hard. I hope the war store recovers from this and these creeps get caught. I get upset if I lose a mag, 60 guns and all that gear really sucks.
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