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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Lawdog is selling a TM M92 GBB and I agree to buy it. Nik12 posts in the sales thread that Lawdog is a thief and calls him names and because of that post I back out of the deal, that is Slander/Defamation/Libel.


If Nik12 posts about how he paid for something and never received the product or it wasn't as described and because of this I choose not to contact Lawdog at all about his TM M92 GBB, this is NOT Slander/Defamation/Libel.

This is exactly the reason that trader ratings are used, not reviews about retailers or other users (which in fact the ratilers are). This why you have 200 characters to write your beef about a deal in the trader rating.

Sorry poking at you earlier Drache, but I was trying to elicit a response similar to this from your or someone else.

Originally Posted by Drache View Post
How did you come to this conclusion? Our trader ratings are both 26 and 100% and you don't know the business I do online which doesn't involve ASC (I deal on NIA and ASK) not to mention the stuff I buy which isn't airsoft related....
^ See above ^
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