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Originally Posted by Nik12 View Post
Really? So one has to answer for any 'bad' opinions? And so if one's opinion is negative towards someone/something so much that it causes them/it harm, then he/she will be awarded a penalty? For some reason the ideal of free speech just shatter in my brain.

Obviously there's a fine line seperating the freedom of speech idea and slander, but if I go and say "Lawdog is a no good doodoo head" (which is clearly untrue ) and Drache believes me and backs out of a buying something from Lawdog, I can be punished since my opinion cost Lawdog some money? Yet, it's not like I put a gun to Drache's head and forced him to believe me, he decided of his own free will to heed my words. This is why I'm not a law student, too confusing.

(sorry for using you two in my example )
No worries

But yes, to make it more clear:

Lawdog is selling a TM M92 GBB and I agree to buy it. Nik12 posts in the sales thread that Lawdog is a thief and calls him names and because of that post I back out of the deal, that is Slander/Defamation/Libel.


If Nik12 posts about how he paid for something and never received the product or it wasn't as described and because of this I choose not to contact Lawdog at all about his TM M92 GBB, this is NOT Slander/Defamation/Libel.
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