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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
Actually you can be held liable for reviews in papers etc. You should see the insurance policies and litigation departments that most papers have for just that purpose.

You can also be held liable for an opinion published on the internet.

Really? So one has to answer for any 'bad' opinions? And so if one's opinion is negative towards someone/something so much that it causes them/it harm, then he/she will be awarded a penalty? For some reason the ideal of free speech just shattered in my brain.

Obviously there's a fine line seperating the freedom of speech idea and slander, but if I go and say "Lawdog is a no good doodoo head" (which is clearly untrue ) and Drache believes me and backs out of a buying something from Lawdog, I can be punished since my opinion cost Lawdog some money? Yet, it's not like I put a gun to Drache's head and forced him to believe me, he decided of his own free will to heed my words. This is why I'm not a law student, too confusing.

(sorry for using you two in my example )

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