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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
There is no need for reviews on people, period. Deal with matters yourself. I've bought dozens and dozens of guns, tons of parts from pretty much every retailer that has existed in Canada in the last 5+ years, and never needed to give negative feedback, or post negative reviews.

You haven't bought 1/10th what I have, yet you have posted up alot of issues. Am I lucky, not a chance.

There are case where it's warranted, but going public is chicken shit, especially for something like $30. The principle of the matter means nothing when it makes a person look like a whiner or complainer. I've had deals where I paid $30 for an item I know I could ship for $10. So what? Nobody forces anyone to buy anything.

See how easy it is to become a shitshow, and I'm being nice. Your response could be to let it go and not post up, or it could become ugly. And this isn't even about a specific deal that one guy says is good, but the other party is bitching. Now imagine endless threads on this, from every keyboard commando with a grievance.

It just makes us all look like a bunch of whiny babies with toy guns. Real nice!!
I too have purchased items which I could have purchased cheaper over the seas. I've had TWO public problems, one was lack of communication, and the other was being ripped off. Both I had tried to handle privately until things degraded. I then contacted admins and was TOLD to post them publically!
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