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If you do it on ASC, it will become a shitshow very quickly, and nobody will do business with anybody, because everyone will have negative reviews, guaranteed.

Don't think it would happen? ASC members bitch and complain about everything, and posting up in a thread is easy to do when you have company in your complaints. It's a little different to man up and leave negative feedback without getting sucked into a mob mentality.

We've all seen mopic and LeGros get shit on, and in their own threads even. Nobody would be safe.

If I was a mod and saw a review on a person, I would kill it and there's be a warning at the very least. Users who have problems with users deal with it between themselves or start a trade dispute. Airing shit like that in public is childish and ripe for malicious baseless alllegations that can't be un-said once said.
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