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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Actually you cannot legally be held responsible for givign your opinion of business/customer service otherwise people couldn't review resturaunts in local papers.

But once again people think the feedback program is the place to do this. But once AGAIN I have to remind people that how can you get an honest opinion of a business when people are too afraid to leave negative feedbacks because of retaliatory feedback from the business?!

And yes someone CAN have a bad day but it it happens over and over and over shouldn't people be allowed to express their views? One bad day isn't going to wreck someone's business but if they keep screwing up then people should be able to read good and bad reviews and make their own choice.

So unless ASC stops sellers from leaving buyers negative feedback (which isnt a good idea cause there can be bad buyers) then they need to make it so the negative feedback rating REQUIRES a valid explaination of what bad feedback is left. Until this time then a Retailer Review section should be allowed....
Reviewing a restaruant is different than reviewing a person..

Saying the food was bad is very different than saying the chef is "clueless in the kitchen" one talks about product the other, person

Saying something is bad is an assesment... saying someone is bad is an insult. ( if you can't back it up)

If I am buying ... I am interested in what other buyers have had to say.. I could care less what the seller has to say about buyers ( and I am very unlikely to go and look at the feedback received by a buyer .. why would I?)

This site.. has to be concerned about what appears in its forums... they could be held responsible for publishing statements that are injurious to people.

For the most part people express their opinions with their money.. bad experience.. don't use the service again.. this way the market is self correcting for bad sellers.... eventually their bad practices will result in loss of trade.
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