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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
A review is a unbiased assessment of something... you can review a thing.. like a gun because its attributes are fixed.. it is what it is. either it is good or it is bad.. it has properties that can be assessed.
You can review a play or a movie.. because again, it is a thing. that can be measured against specific criteria.

Reviewing a "person" ( because the retailers left are people.. not companies) becomes more problematic. People can have good days and bad.. people can get along with one person and not with another.

Reviewing behavior is a lot more difficult.

One person could think that waiting 4 days to get a reply from an e-mail is completely reasonable... another thinks if they have to wait an hour its a catastophe. So right there .. you get one review.. satisfied.. the other not.. as a result of the same behavior.

If you are going to review something.. you need to have established criteria .. that everyone agrees is relavant.

Otherwise.. all you can do is relate your personal experience with that person.. which is what the retailer feedback does.

Legally you have to be careful what you say about people.. particularly if what you have to say could injure them financially. If it is true .. not much of an issue .. but if subjective ... you could end up in hot water.
Actually you cannot legally be held responsible for givign your opinion of business/customer service otherwise people couldn't review resturaunts in local papers.

But once again people think the feedback program is the place to do this. But once AGAIN I have to remind people that how can you get an honest opinion of a business when people are too afraid to leave negative feedbacks because of retaliatory feedback from the business?!

And yes someone CAN have a bad day but it it happens over and over and over shouldn't people be allowed to express their views? One bad day isn't going to wreck someone's business but if they keep screwing up then people should be able to read good and bad reviews and make their own choice.

So unless ASC stops sellers from leaving buyers negative feedback (which isnt a good idea cause there can be bad buyers) then they need to make it so the negative feedback rating REQUIRES a valid explaination of what bad feedback is left. Until this time then a Retailer Review section should be allowed....
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