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Review section

Ok this will most likely be locked and/or thrown into the trash but I noticed something kind of alarming with reviews about retailers. It seems that when people review a retailer badly, the posts are locked, and the people are flamed. Shouldn't it be allowed that a retailer can receive negative feedback just as well as good? If not then why have a feedback system at all? If you can post a bad review about a gun, you should be able to do the same for the company that sold it to you.

Granted allot of the complaints turn into bitch fests, but I think a simple stickied thread about a retailer with a simple poll "Did you like your service: Yes/No" would be better. Yes I know there is a damn feedback system that does it, but how many times has someone not left bad feedback because they are worried about getting bad feedback in return? This is what finally screwed the ebay feedback system up! Ebay finally made it so sellers cannot leave the buyers bad feedback! Im not saying do this, I'm simply saying allow retailers/sellers to have bad reviews without locking/deleting them.
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