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Damn customs lol

Once again I've got to say damn to customs! A friend over on a car forum who lives down in the U.S. offered to sell me his airsoft guns:

TM stock USP with 2 mags - $100
TM full metal M92 9mm with 1 mag - $100

TM full metal m4 with tons of upgrades with a surefire setup and rail,vert grip and optics....$500 comes with mags,batt,gun case

The upgrades include:
TM M4 RIS--------------------
Hurricane Metal Body------
Gaurder Reinforced Barrel-
Madbull Rail Adapor--------
Hurricane Rail Adaptor-----
G&P 6 position LE Stock-----
Gaurder Lg Vert. Foregrip--
G&G Vert Rail Grip-----------
First Factory Delta Ring----
King Arms Tac Sights-------
Socom QD Supressor--------
Gaurder Battery Bag---------

Systema Super Torque Gears------
Gaurder Spring Guide--------------
130 Rated spring-------------------
Gaurder Steel bushings------------

But since these guns are in the U.S. Im not even going to try gambling my money and freedom! No I wont give ANYONE contact info!
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