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Originally Posted by grimreefer View Post
I thought this would end up in the trash so I tried posting it there. Apparently only mods can decide what's trash lol.

Anyways....airsoft is basically the coolest sport ever imagined. For several reasons:

ok ill play

1. Shooting people is fun. If you didn't die or didn't have to see other people dying, war would be cool. Airsoft.

shooting people isnt fun at all. but shooting people with airsoft is

2. Guns are sweet. Really sweet. I can have the armory I've dreamed about since I was 10 in airsoft form. Sure they're not 'real'...but you can shoot people with them. And how often would you be able to use your real-steel guns anyways? Not to mention the legality issues of assault weapons in Canada.

guns are most definitly sweet. on the subject of real steel i know people who shoot every weekend some people even more

3. An excuse to buy combat gear. Dressing up would be pretty silly if we didn't have a reason for it. Again, war is awesome without the dying part.


4. Upgrading. Very popular these days with just about everything. It's fun to exercise your mechanical abilities and creativity.

upgrading is the shit as long as you dont fuck up and ruin the expensive toy gun lol

In conclusion, airsoft is fucking awesome. I am obsessed with this sport.

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