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The War Store - Robbed

Just read this on ASF, terrible news.

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The War Store of Buffalo, NY was burglarized Sunday night and 60 AEGs
were stolen from the store. This is very depressing......

Please spread the word and do whatever you can in YOUR COMMUNITY to
help recover these items. Because next time this could be YOUR STORE
or at YOUR OP.......we need to band together as a community and help
each other out.

List of items stolen-
1 Systema PTW M4 MAX, highly customized: “The War Store” and store logo laser engraved
onto receiver; Mad Bull CNC 16” free-float RAS; “chain-mail” style rail covers; 2x Aimpoint
red dot sight with QD mount; custom M16-length tightbore barrel; custom silencer;
ergonomic foregrip; 550-lumen 3-CREE LED tactical light; G&P green laser projector; M150
spring cylinder; 120-rd. madcap mag
6 PTW 120-rd mags
2 PTW 12V crane batteries
1 PTW 9.6V crane battery
1 Fidragon 3-point sling
1 Custom cut foam watertight gun case with carry handle and wheels
1 PTW M90 cylinder
1 PTW M110 cylinder
1 PTW M130 cylinder
1 1kg bag of G&G 0.28g Bio BB’s
1 ICS M4A1 Anniversary Edition, serial # 20060019, highly customized and upgraded; ICS full
stock’ ICS stock tube adapter; G&P gearbox wire harness; ICS full stock wire harness; G&G
strong motor; JBU cylinder and piston kit; Mad Bull 12” CNC free-float RAS; JBU silencer;
Mad Bull M16 length tightbore barrel; Mad Bull enhanced hop-up; G&G 450-rd mag; 4x32
ACOG scope with trademarks; Systema MOSFET switch device; 11.1V 4000mah li-po
battery; Mad Bull M140 spring; Modify polycarb tappet plate; CA foregrip
1 G&G RK104 EVO, highly modified internally; Mad Bull M150 spring; Modify stainless stell
cylinder head with double o-rings; Deep Fire solid brass bearing spring guide; Modify
aluminum piston head; ICS aluminum piston; G&G strong motor; Systema high torque gears;
Systema MOSFET switch device; 11.1V 4000mah li-po battery; Red Dragon foregrip
2 G&G GR16A2 Plastica
1 Echo 1 M203 grenade launcher, long military mount
1 G&P “swiss cheese” M203 long handguard
1 G&G GR25 sniper with QD silencer
1 NCStar 3-9x50 scope
1 NCStar high scope mounts
1 G&G GR16 R4
1 Echo 1 M203 grenade launcher, short RIS mount
2 ACOG 4x32 with trademarks
1 KWA KM4S Tactical (S-System)
1 NCStar metal foregrip
1 Aimpoint replica red dot sight with trademarks
1 Hurricane scope mount
2 G&G GR16 Carbine
1 SRC AKS-74U real wood
1 KART M668 M14 EBR
1 NCStar RIS mount QD bipod
1 G&G TM-style M14 scope mount
1 NCStar 3-9x50 illuminated scope
1 Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 shotgun with rare metal folding stock (out of production since 2002)
10 TM SPAS-12 shells with bandoleer
1 UTG AK-74LE black
1 UTG AK side scope mount
2 NCStar 3-9x42 red/green illuminated ACOG scope with QD mount
2 KJW M9 Baretta
2 KWA M9 Baretta ABS
2 KWA M9 Baretta PTP (Professional Training Pistol)
3 WE 1911 Gov’t with Caspian trademarks
4 WE Tactical 1911 with Caspian trademarks
2 WE 1911 Gov’t (with 2 mags)
2 WE Tactical 1911 (with 2 mags)
1 WE Hi-Capa 5.1 model M Infinity
1 WE Hi-Capa 4.3
1 WE Hi-Capa 3.8 silver
10 Cans of UHC Green Gas propellant
5 Pairs of Arena Flakjak goggles
2 Pairs of Bolle X800T goggles
4 KWA Sig P226 PTP mags
2 KWA G26C mags
2 HFC Baretta mags
2 WE Hi-Capa 4.3 mags
2 Classic Army 120-rd M203 grenades
1 Mad Bull 204-rd CO2 M203 grenade
2 Tornado hand grenade
1 KWC Desert Eagle
1 WE Hi-Capa 5.1 model K custom (with faux wood grips)
2 Intellect 8.4V 1400mah mini battery
4 Powerizer 8.4V 4200mah large battery
5 8.4V 1800mah large battery
4 8.4V 1400mah mini battery
6 Sanyo 9.6V 1650mah dual nunchuck battery
4 Intellect 8.4V 1400mah stick battery
1 Powerizer 9.6V 2700mah AUG brick battery
2 9.6V 1400mah mini battery
4 Esky 11.1V 1000mah li-po battery
1 Powerizer 8.4V 3300mah RPK battery
1 JG TK-K3 olive drab G3
1 Woodland camo chest rig
1 Black chest rig
1 Condor woodland chest rig
1 40” black soft gun case
1 40” olive drab gun case
1 Element 19” HDTV LCD flat panel (ser. # MR70118B050003564)
1 NCStar pistol flashlight/red laser combo
1 NCStar mini red dot holo sight
10 Fidragon 5000 count 0.2g BB’s
6 G&G 4000 count 0.25g BB’s

It is believed to be an airsofter because of all the upgrade parts, batteries, and bb's stolen. So watch out for anything suspicious.
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