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Well its best to be careful when mentoring minors, best to play paintball with them and go mil-sim for awhile until they hit 18 then sell off their gun and grab a Airsoft gun. But of course always tell them that Airsoft is a mature sport when I was a younger and wanted to play pool but my bro would not let me unless he told me to be cool and that the place he was going to was where older dudes hang out and they can get annoyed if you can act too childish. I behaved well and they even let me play pool even though that place I went to did not really allow youngsters to play. Anyway moral of the story is choose who you want to help wisely but also mention to them a lot that this is a mature sport but do it in a non-lecturing way, cause once you lecture, one word goes in one ear and out the other.

Excluding and flaming them works in the short-run but there are certain honest ones that don't deserve it and they just need a "big brother" figure to help them out. I was fortunate to have a older brother to look out for me and tell me whats right and wrong. Of course I made a few mistakes doing a couple wrong things he told me not to do to finally realize he was right. Long story short either be brotherly figure or be a total ass, most of the time being an ass and flamer is fun but every action has a consequence.
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