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Originally Posted by 15thKnight View Post
i love how ppl in a forum that bitches at ppl who dont read

"i know about age on this site."- refering to i AM over 18 just waiting to get age meet "waiting for new health card as i didnt think you would take it"

"i know about google and how to use a search engine." didnt know about huangs

and i asked about huangs because its better to ask instead of search as sometimes you don't get a clear answer.

and thank you pusangani
No, it's not better to ask instead of search. If every new ASC member had your mentality, the General section would be flooded with "WHERE CAN I BUY _______?" and "DO YOU KNOW A STORE IN ________ THAT SELLS ________?" posts. All because "it's better to ask than search".

There are faqs for a reason. There are search functions for a reason. It's one thing to know about them, it's another to actually use and refer to them.
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