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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
you are welcome and here's another tip. as a new member I'd suggest dropping that attitude as you will find people will not be willing to help you if you act like that

nah the only reason for that was everytime ive asked a question its mostly go read the rules get varifide...

i have read the rules.. i am waiting for my health card..
just because i dont have a little bar under my avatar doesnt mean im some snot nosed kid.(not pointed at anyone).

i find that until you get the age bar people ether wont tell you what your asking. not in a nice equal way because they think your underage.

if age was a problam ill add on of these guys to my msn show them who i am my marrage licence my wife and multiple pictures of my wedding.

and to get married in toronto you need to be 18 +.
im sorry if i work full time and dont have time to meet with someone for 5 minutes. i have a child to raise. honestly.
(damn i should put this in the pet peeves section.)

but again thank you for answering my question.
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