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This MAY change airsoft as we know it


The title is asking for this post to be shot down in flame, but anyway, this stroke my attention as something quite interesting. I m working for a well know (the only) prohibited firearm dustributor in Quebec (maybe Ontario, but I don t think they are alone in the Ontario market) this week. They have the heavy duty craps, for example 2 MK 19 Automatic GL in stock as of now (they supplied DND)! Anything short of an AT-4, they are the people that get in in country... Anyway, they are now selling the Sig Sauer airsoft line (see link). This mean (after checking with a firearm saleman there) that you could purchase these airsoft gun from a distributor (Dante for example). As long as there is a red tip, there should be no issue. Some order have already been placed for Sig P226 GBB. Needless to say, this would imply that you could get a GBB (no clearsoft...) thru a regular channel in Quebec at least. Again, it has to be tried, but the material is available thru a supplier (and for me, that a start). If I was a distributor, I could purchase it basically.

Now, the other detail that stroke my mind. See how the airsoft weapon are presented in the Sig brochure this year.

On the paper version (I will scan it once at work):

These are the ultimate in training and practice weapons. Our gas-operated replica models feature metal slides and frames, giving them the same durability, weight, and feel as the real thing. Airsoft Guns shoot 6mm pellets and each is flagged with an orange muzzle indicator for safety.

Now, (from my understanding) this mean that a serious gun manufacturer is considering airsoft as a training tool (Sig also has a training school). If other manufacturers jump in, airsoft may become more wide spread as a training tool (hence either be more restricted or more accepted...).

Anyway, it MAY change airsoft, until then, I will try to get that P226 thru regular channel. Now watch the irony when it will be more expensive to get it there rather then by a ASC retailler like MOPIC let said...
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