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Originally Posted by Armandhammer View Post
Well, there are alot of underage members on this site (including myself) who found out about airsoft and are dying to play at an event when they hit 18. Most of the underage kids who join this forum are quickly shot down in flames, due to there immaturity and lack of simple knowldege (Read the FAQ's)

I came up with an idea for the underage members but it wasn't favoured by many because of the Atreyu incident and other flaws.

Although there are mature members, (Bowers, Thatotherguy...etc),
In order to to get Airsoft out of the grey zone and into the light, we need to do something with the overwhelming amount of underage members who wish to play, other than "Wait until you hit 18...Airsoft doesn't exsist until then."

My 2 cents...
I know its frustrating to be "too young" to do something.. but trust me it is way better than being "too old"

The under age issue has nothing to do with the "underground" nature of this activity. Its "underground" because so few people do it as to not impinge on the public consciousnes. which at the end of the day is likely the only reason it still exists at all.

The tiny fraction of the society that owns and enjoys "airsoft" is easily overlooked by society and by law enforcement.. as we are "mostly harmless"

Military simulation is not and will not ever be a publically acceptable passtime in Canada.. it goes against the general morality of Canadian Society.. This is not to say that such activities are immoral.. any more than the study and practice of any martial art is, but for the most part people in general can not fathom why anyone would want to pretend to be a lifetaker.

The Soldier is a archtype.. all young men are attracted to its mystique.. most grow out of it.. or submerge the interest in daily life... Some exercise it.. by becoming soldiers in fact.. others in fantasy.

98% of the young ones who come here and become infatuated with "airsoft" will forget it as soon as some chick digs them.
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