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Well, there are alot of underage members on this site (including myself) who found out about airsoft and are dying to play at an event when they hit 18. Most of the underage kids who join this forum are quickly shot down in flames, due to there immaturity and lack of simple knowldege (Read the FAQ's)

I came up with an idea for the underage members but it wasn't favoured by many because of the Atreyu incident and other flaws.

Although there are mature members, (Bowers, Thatotherguy...etc),
In order to to get Airsoft out of the grey zone and into the light, we need to do something with the overwhelming amount of underage members who wish to play, other than "Wait until you hit 18...Airsoft doesn't exsist until then."

My 2 cents...

"Airsoft will be taken seriously, but it will never be forgotten that airsoft is just a game. Treat every player with respect and honor."

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