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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
Please stop patronizing me with your "1337" talk and putting words or intentions i didnt have. You see; i didnt have to put a name... you did recognized yourself...

Maybe what i was trying to say didnt came right... Didnt have anything to do with highpost count, or "1337ness as you implied.

I will try to put it in words that "maybe" you can understand...

It goes like this; " hi my name is (insert name here) btw i hate this and that and blah,blah,blah (insert negative comment here)..." might not be the best way to start on a forum.

Maybe you know the guy but we dont...

Anyway... i have thing better to do than arguing on this forum with you. You can have the last word for your ego if you like...


You said I could have the last word.

Ego complete.
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