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Are You Doing Your Bit?

Hey guys are you doing your bit to help the Airsoft Community grow?

Lets hear your stories of trying to get Airsoft out of the grey zone and into the light.

Ever since I played my first game of Airsoft last month for the first time, I was hooked like I was on paintball, and having a JG MP5 and a CM 030 being sent in.

Now since I still play paintball once in awhile at Sgt. Splatters and you get a lot of mil-sim'ers there and I have a lot of honest buddies who go there and whenever I hear them say "This is Bullsh-- cheaters are everywhere" I tell my friends like a preacher of god (No not religious) and tell my friends the wonders of Airsoft and how cheap ammo is and with cheap ammo you don't have to worry about pelting people like no tomorrow. And that ASC is your key to getting your Airsoft gun.

80% of the time the people I talk to don't even know airsoft still exist in Canada. (Unless you ASC'ers wanted ASC to be a small community) And the people I talk to are all over 18, even for the teenagers I tell them when they are 18 they can move on to Airsoft, drop those Tippmanns, and come pick up the real mil-sim experience.

A lot of people are already spending so much on Mil-Sim Paintball that they can just get a good Airsoft gun and join in with us. I told ASC is the place to go and that game host have more power over their games than paintball. And that the host have the power to ban you from their games and blacklist you from other games for constant cheating. So I tell them if you want to escape the cheating come to Airsoft.

I assume you ASC'ers do police each other better than paintball right?
- Pistolero Steve -

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