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Originally Posted by Deftonius View Post
That makes no difference. Post count means nothing. Airsoft in Canada has been around a LOT longer than AirsoftCanada. Membership here doesn't make you 1337 or higher up than anyone else.

One of my pet peeves is when people try to single out other people without actually saying their names.

...and people on high horses, which is about 80% of the people here on ASC. Go figure.

Please stop patronizing me with your "1337" talk and putting words or intentions i didnt have. You see; i didnt have to put a name... you did recognized yourself...

Maybe what i was trying to say didnt came right... Didnt have anything to do with highpost count, or "1337ness as you implied.

I will try to put it in words that "maybe" you can understand...

It goes like this; " hi my name is (insert name here) btw i hate this and that and blah,blah,blah (insert negative comment here)..." might not be the best way to start on a forum.

Maybe you know the guy but we dont...

Anyway... i have thing better to do than arguing on this forum with you. You can have the last word for your ego if you like...
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