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Originally Posted by Deftonius View Post
Airsoft exists outside of ASC.
Big pet peeve of mine too, don't you just hate that? :P lol.

Actually my peeve is those who think any particular role is better than the other, be it sniper or assault. At 20:1 odds it wouldn't matter if that 1 is a single support role with 10,000 rounds in an M60 or M249, he is not going to make it if those 20 work together. Snipers are just as useful as any other player as long as the team works together, on their own they're in deep shit. Snipers have the chance/patience to generally sneak in, set up and send back intel via coms. If the coms fuck up, he's stuck there with his pants around his ankles and doesn't know where his team is and if the assaults coming. Same can be said about ANY other player, playing mostly just the assault role last game, me and the DOW guys were out-numbered and out-flanked, and even though everyone there managed to work together to hold out as long as we could, we were no match and could not get help fast enough. What gun you use, what gear you wear, what equipment you use won't make you better or worse than any other player.

That all said I like to choose my gear to suit me, my equipment to be practical and not only look good; I want it to help me. My pet peeve is .22lr rifle scopes on L96's, it looks retarded. Simply because you have a rifle that imitates a rather high powered rifle but you have a dinky toy looking scope on it to kill image; talk about realism killer there.

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