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Hi , my name is Greg and I am from Hamilton Ontario. I have been chairsofting for maybe 7 years trolling around forums reading and absorbing a lot of information. I turned 18, 2 years ago but I had no money to get into the sport, now I have been supporting myself for just under a year now I would love to get into it. The thing is that I need to get age verified so I would like to do that soon, but I am being somewhat hindered.

I would like to go out to some games that are local but considering that: I don't have a rifle, I don't have any transportation, and I don't know who if anyone can verify me locally I am confused as to what to do. I really don't want to pay for transport and admission to a game that I can't play in and I can't verify myself.

In regards to a uniform though, I am camo junkie, I have a selection of uniforms and some ghillie suits too, not the crappy ones from bushrag and the like, mine are hand made. I use good netting too so that I can actually stuff local veg.

I don't know what else to say other than can I have some help? and nice to meet you all.

I remember reading of a location in Toronto that sells guns AND versify for the forums, but I cant find the post about it. Was there something like that or am I dreaming? If it exists it could kill 2 birds with one pellet, so to speak.
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