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Accidents can always happen, and I believe that most (key words MOST) try to play with respect for others. I know for myself and others on our team we always play with other peoples safety on our minds. I will always give the person a chance to surrender if they are unaware of my position and I could easily shoot them or touch them, and if I am far enough away that its not going to a mercy kill, I will always switch to semi and aim for their gear to minimize an injury. Nothing ruins someones day more then a fat bloody lip or a full auto burst in the face from 15feet. Regardless of FPS from 20feet or lower a full burst to the face sucks and no one likes it. Basically what I am saying is, with the right people i could care less about what fps everyone is playing with cause I know that they are thinking about my safety along with their saftey when shooting at me.
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