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Good thing I saw this before I stupidly started a new post to introduce myself.

Real name's Jerry, I'm originally from Singapore and came over here for school a few years back. Now I'm done and looking for employment. I've been a paintball player since 99 but has always done speedball until recently when I realized I'm getting too old to do the things 18 year olds do. Playing speedball with the 20 yr olds at 30 isn't fun. I've moved on into milsim paintball in the past couple years though.

I've been trolling this forum for years - even before I came over to Canada - and have observed on the threads the increased difficulty of obtaining and organising airsoft. You guys seem to keep it alive and well despite all the difficulty. Now that I'm done school and hopefully will get a stable job, I'm keen to join up. I'm just waiting to get age certified - dropped a PM to Jeroon last night to arrange a day to do so.

All in all, its great to sign up.

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