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MadMax (Carl) runs the business himself and handles things personally. That's a great thing because he is an incredibly hard working, stand-up guy. He's always got "customer first" in mind when he's conscious.

Unfortunately, the flip side to handing so much in person is that he's human. He cannot {invent, design, troubleshoot, manufacture, QC, assemble, sell, bank, relate with business partners, and all the other things that goes along with running an invention oriented business} consistently 100% of the one can. (yes...I know that he's got half a dozen guys assembling for him)

While I can appreciate your anxiety, the reality is that you'll just have to wait or find what you want somewhere else.

I do agree that "internet business" has set a general expectation that someone is there and working 24/7 and are only as far away as the "send" button...but you've heard/seen the reality of Carl's business (and a lot of other small online businesses in Canada).

Carl's a stand-up guy...I'm sure that he'll come through for you.
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