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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Basically, I don't think TM2011 mags dump less gas than a WE2011 mag, unless the different fill valve design significantly alters liquid gas capacity and gassification. Otherwise, I've compared and tested WExx11 valves with TMxx11 valves, and the WE is pretty shoddy.
+1 that

Besides being constructed differently, the valve ports on the WE 1911 mags are slightly smaller diameter than the ones on the stock TM 1911 mags.

However the air sealing on the WE 1911's piston head is awful (think stock KWC Mini Uzi) and I see no reason why the quality would be any better on their Hi-Capa. There's a lot of gas being wasted there and I'd swap it out for an upgraded piston head, or at the very least do a teflon tape job on it.

And do use the TM mags (hi-capa) since they're compatible.
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